Environmentally-conscious printing for a greener world.

At Preferred Marketing Solutions, our goal is to become part of the solution to a cleaner, greener world. With that goal in mind, we have committed ourselves to adopting environmentally responsible practices throughout our company.

We are using eco-conscious low-solvent inks in our printing presses. Print cartridges that can be recycled are being recycled.  We have initiated company-wide programs for recycling of paper, corrugated/card board and aluminum plates. We have completed a lighting change to new high-efficient/low-consumption fixtures in our print building and promotions warehouse. We have set for ourselves an emissions-burning rating that is better than the local county code.

As a result of efforts like these, we recently received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. FSC certification ensures responsible use of forest resources. We are proud of this certification because it shows we are on the right track. And we are pledged to continue our company-wide efforts in promoting responsible resource management.